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Attachment-Trauma Specific Interventions for Families: Integrative Protocol (IATP-C)

This 8 hour presentation will give you practical interventions you can use immediately. You will learn a common language of healing, interventions to regulate the mind and body and directly, yet gently, address trauma for the families in your practice.


Participants will be able to:
1.  Identify the problem behaviors, early traumas, possible negative beliefs, and triggers using the history-taking checklist regarding a child client.
2.   Identify 3 reminders for parents that can help parents become more attuned and supportive of the traumatized child
3.   Identify 2 rationale for introducing the concept of “the smaller child within the child.”
4.   Identify 3 questions to help parents and child understand and interrupt “the domino effect.”
5.   Identify 2 errors that can change the written therapeutic story from therapeutic to non-therapeutic.


Module One
1 hour       Conceptualization of Attachment Trauma through AIP Model and Overview of Integrative Model
1 hour       Integrative Parenting Approach
1 hour       Mindfulness/Recognizing the Smaller Child Within
1.5 hours  Brainwork

Module Two
1 hour      Detective Work
1 hour      Dominoes
1 hour      Meltdowns
1 hour      Therapeutic Story
1.5 hours  Dissociation/Q & A

EMDRIA Information

EMDRIA: Approval #01007-DL39

Refund policy: No refunds once registration is complete. Viewing policy: 1 year from registration for the course.


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