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By developing EMDR and Family Therapy integrative model for treatment of attachment trauma in children IATP-C Certified Clinicians

Our Passion

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Wondering about IATP-C?
Deb and Stefanie explain more about the protocol

Video recorded at the EMDRIA Conference in Bellevue, Washington and produced by the EMDR Exchange


The Attachment Trauma Center Institute

The Attachment Trauma Center Institute, LLC (ATCI) provides quality resources, group and individual parent coaching, clinician training, and consultation in the field of trauma and attachment.

Who We Are

Debra Wesselmann, MS, LIMHP, Cathy Schweitzer, MS, LIMHP and Stefanie Armstrong, MS, LIMHP are the co-founders and have developed practical strategies, in-depth discussions, attachment-encouraging exercises and case presentations that are at the core of ATCI’s training resources.

What We Do

ATCI has constructed an innovative, collaborative approach to working with severely traumatized children that includes the family and their therapeutic team called the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol for Children (IATP-C) model.

“This research driven integrative approach is designed to treat the whole family and put simply: it works. I have been utilizing protocol learned at the conference with many families in my practice, and they are realizing successful outcomes.”– Kathryn H., LMHC, RPT
Waterloo, Iowa


Who We Help

We offer workshops and training programs, consultations, and certifications.


Virtual training and phone consultations through Attachment Trauma Center Institute are designed to provide agencies, mental health providers, and clinicians with cutting-edge methods to help children and families impacted by attachment trauma. Click for a list of certified clinicians


Our virtual parent training and parent coaching via phone provide parents with effective strategies for helping children heal from trauma and become emotionally and behaviorally regulated. ATCI has a wealth of resources available at your fingertips. Click here to learn more


The Attachment Trauma Center Institute
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